Act Your Age, Eve Brown: A Novel (The Brown Sisters Book 3)

Act Your Age Eve Brown

Are you a fan of the Brown sister series? Then I have good news for you. Act your age Eve brown, the third and last book in the Brown sister series is out! The other two books of The Brown sisters series were amazing and now Act your age has joined the club.

It is a heart-warming tale of a girl and a boy with opposite personalities and how they initially didn’t get along with each other but eventually started loving each other. Initially, I was skeptical about this book, I tried to research this book before buying it but got so many mixed reviews.

So, I purchased this book and gave it a read. And I have to say I loved it. Here is my review of this book.


This is a short overview of the story. 



A gorgeous girl who is in her early 20s and is an absolute mess.


Owner of bed and breakfast. 

The book starts with a girl named Eve brown, she is a hot mess, because she was so much pampered by her parents. She has always struggled to finish what she started. Frustrated with her nature her parents cut her financial support until she finds a stable job. Furious and embarrassed Eve applies for a job as a chef at a bed-and-breakfast which is owned by a handsome guy, Jacob. Unlike Eve, Jacob is much organized. Jacob rejects Eve’s proposal for the job because of her lack of professionalism. But when Eve accidentally hits Jacob by car, Jacob breaks his arm and was left with no other choice but to hire Eve to keep his business up.

Mess meets order

Initially, Eve was not able to co-op with organized Jacob, and there raised some hostility between the two. Jacob and Eve being opposite poles were not able to work under the same roof but gradually their hate turned into friendship and the love between the duo was inevitable.

Hate turned into romance

The transition of Jacob’s hate towards Eve into love and affection was something very sweet. The writer showed how hate and hostility naturally turned into love and affection.

The book beautifully encapsulates the true definition of humor and romance. Talia Hibbert, the writer of brown sisters has always amused me by her way of storytelling and how beautifully she combines love and humor.

Act your age is no different, cute, and humor-filled story with a slow yet amazing storyline. I loved how Jacob believes Eve that she is a capable and caring adult who will eventually able to handle her life. The character development in this book is also remarkable.

My Favorite Part

The most beautiful thing I found in this book is Eve’s character development, I love how Eve understands and overcomes her fears and how much supportive Jacob was.

Another thing that I loved the most was the messy nature of Eve and how much humor is created when she joined B&B. She being a mess was not able to tolerate organized Jacob and sometimes ends up making a mess. The little pockets of humor and love were something to snack on.

Final Thoughts

This book has to be on your shelf you are looking for a beautiful blend of romance, care, and humor. The previous two parts of Brown sisters didn’t upset me and with the release of the third and final part this trilogy has attained a deeper place in my heart, also you can read the trilogy of Brown sisters in any order.

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