Beautiful Disaster- An Overview Of The Book

Beautiful Disaster

When it comes to storybooks adult romance has been one of the most read generals. Strong feelings like love, lust, and passion are beautifully fitted in the storyline, leaving no other option for the reader but to read it. One such book is a beautiful disaster by Jamie McGuire.

In this blog I will be giving you an overview of the book, I will be sharing my personal experience, and will also give you an overview of the story.

let us get into it.

About the book

Beautiful disaster, authored by Jamie McGuire is an adult romance that encapsulates a story of how two adults trying to run from their ugly ends up in wedlock. The storyline of this book is filled with jealousy, fear, and a strong feeling of belonging to one other.

Customer Reviews

The book is a roller coaster of emotions. The emotion of each character is defined beautifully in this book. This book will surely keep you hooked to it for a long time.

My personal experience was that this book is filled with powerful emotions like love, passion, and whatnot. The character went through a lot of trauma and emotions and the writer had defined those emotions so well that I as a reader felt that it was me standing beside each character, actually experiencing what they are feeling.

The character development of this book is so strong. Take Travis for example, being a ladies’ man and one who doesn’t believe in relationships goes through a massive character change, he fights and plans ways to make Abby his. He throttles a guy who insults Abby, he even engages himself in a professional fight to give Abby’s father monetary support. In the end, The ladies’ man marries Abby.

My Favorite Part

The end of this book has to be one of the most heartwarming parts. When the couple manages to save their life from the fire, Abby proposes to Travis and both flew to Las Vegas to get married. Their Abby gets a tattoo of Travis’s surname pacifies his fears, and promises everlasting love and togetherness.

This part is filled with emotions and was surely the one that kept me at the edge of my seat.  I have also given an overview of the storyline below.


The books start with a girl named Abby Abernathy who moves far away from her hometown along with her best friend, America, to escape her hideous past but her path crosses with Travis Maddox, a man with a dangerous personality, tattoos, and everything that Abby was running from. But as the story progresses the love between the duo becomes inevitable. 

Turning Point

Things were all fine till Abby started dating Parker, one of Travis’ frat brothers. Travis tries his level best to separate the two. He even pulls Abby into a bet that in his next fight he will not take any hit if he wins then Abby has to spend one month in his apartment, and Travis wins the bet, and Abby was left with no other choice but to spend a whole month in Travis’s apartment.

Travis overhears the conversation between Abby and America on why Abby doesn’t want to date Travis. Travis on hearing this becomes affronted and sleeps with two girls on that very night, while Abby is in the apartment.

 Things made an even uglier turn for Travis when he threw a surprise party for Abby and where she ended up making out with Parker. Rumors began to spread that Abby is sleeping with both guys, but Abby confronted her friends that Abby can never date Travis because he reminds her of the ugly past and her father she ran away from.

Bet ends and Abby finds her attraction towards Travis 

Amid the bet, Parker breaks up with Abby until her bet with Travis is over. Abby finished the bet but on the last night she ends up sleeping with Travis. Travis becomes sad when he finds out that Abby sneaked from the apartment that night and now has started dating Parker again. But soon she realized that she is longing more and more for Travis and eventually she starts dating Travis.

Abby and her friends travel to Las Vegas to clear up Abby’s father’s debt and Abby was able to win most of the debt money. To cover up the remaining amount Travis also engages in a professional fight for Benny and wins. Benny wants Travis to continue being his fighter but Abby didn’t agree with this. A heated altercation started between the couple which leads to a break-up.

The Beautiful Ending

After months of pain and suffering, the duo finally made up with each other. In the year’s last fight, the couple barely manages to save their life from the fire which started in the venue where the fight was housed. After this event, the couple decided to marry and flew to Las Vegas for the same. There Abby tattoos Travis’s surname pacifies his fears and promises everlasting love and togetherness.

Parting words

Beautiful disaster is surely my favorite romance novel out there. This book kept me at the edge of my seat. The writer has described the characters and emotions so well that I felt they are my own emotions.

A powerful romance novel with awesome characters and a beautiful story. A must-read for all romance genre lovers.

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