Owl Moon By Jane Yolen

Owl Moon By Jane Yolen

The owl mood is a beautifully illustrated book Authored by Jane Yolen. The book depicts the simple and beautiful life of the countryside. Illustrations done by john Schoenherr are really eye-catching, the watercolor illustrations look cute and beautiful.


There is not much to the story and that is the real beauty of this book. The story talks about a girl and her father’s midnight adventure on a winter night.

The girl and father both heavily covered with warm woolen clothes go on a midnight adventure of owling, the time is way past bedtime. The father mimics the sound of a Great Horned owl but didn’t get any reply but after some time the owl replies to her father’s call and this completes the bowling adventure of the girl and her Pa. 

Parting Words

The book has beautiful watercolor illustrations and your child will absolutely love them. The book is simple and defines how simple and beautiful life is and how much there is to cherish.

The countryside view inside the book looks stunning and I really love how well the countryside life is defined. 

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