The Giving Tree – By Shel Silverstein 

The Giving Tree

I came across a children’s book written and illustrated by Shel Silverstein, a well-known writer in the sphere of children’s books. 

The giving tree has a beautiful illustration that narrates the story of a boy and a tree. The giving tree is a book with a beautiful starting and a sad ending. The story has a beautiful moral.

The Giving Tree Book Summary

Here is the summary of the story.

The book starts with “Once there was a tree…and she loved a little boy.” The boy used to play on the branches of the tree, he use to rest there and eat the tree’s fruits. The tree also enjoys the company of the boy. 

As the boy grew up he stopped coming to the tree and the tree felt lonely and sad.  One day the boy did come and the tree was so happy to see him and offered him to play on his branches to which the boy refused. Instead, he said that he needs money. The giving tree gave him her apples, the boy took the apples and didn’t come back for years.

After some years the boy returned with another demand from the tree. This time he need a house to live in. The tree offered him her branches to construct a house for him, the boy collected the branches and again vanished for years. 

When the boy became a full-grown-up man, he again returned to the tree, now with a demand for a boat to travel. Again the giving tree gave him her trunk. The boy cuts off the trunk and left for traveling and again vanished for years. 

The book shows how people only want to take and not give. This book shows the difference between love and unconditional love, which is hardly there. The book starts with a fun and loving story that turns into a sad story, but it shows the reality of today’s world. 

Parting words

Shel Silverstein is a gifted writer and illustrator, in the book he has used beautiful illustrations to describe the life of a giving tree and boy who initially loves the tree unconditionally but soon human ego starts to bud inside him and he becomes mean and egocentric. 

The giving tree shows how materialistic humans have become and how unconditional love and care have vanished. With a touch of sadness, this book is a must-read for not only children but also adults. 

It is an eye-opening book that shows that sometimes all our ‘giving trees’ (parents, loved ones, etc). Needs are some of our pure and unconditional love and time.

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