The Last Sister (Columbia River Book 1): By Kendra Elliot 

The Last Sister

Are you a fan of suspense and thriller-like I am? Then I have a perfect book for you in my closet, let me take it out for you.

The book is ‘the last sister’ by Kendra Elliot. A thriller story with an amazing plot and a whole lot of spice and surprises. In this blog, I will be reviewing this book from every corner.

My Take on the Book

Thriller and suspense novels are my absolute favorites. The book has so much suspense that once started it is difficult to keep it down. The same happened to me, I finished this book in just 3 sittings and I have to say that they were one of the best three sittings in my life.

The story revolves around a crime scene from the past that begins sprouting again, now the question arises, are they connected? Who is the murderer? What is the reason behind murders? Don’t worry I will not give you any spoilers here. But I will surely confirm one thing, it is a must-read. You will be hooked to the story and the ending will surely leave you with goosebumps.


Relax, no spoilers here. It is just a brief outline of the story.

The protagonist Emily mills finds her father hanging from a tree, he was murdered and hanged. She remembers a hates symbol carved on his head. Later, the murderer was caught.

20 years later she finds her employee, Lindsay murdered in her house and when she follows the blood trail, she finds Lindsay’s husband Sean hanging from a tree, with the same hate symbol carved on his head. But how can it be the same? Her father’s murderer is already behind the bars.

Now she believes that all these murders are hate murders and there is another secrete layer that they missed out on during her father’s murder. She tells the same to the sheriff, but he says that all these are baseless because there is no such thing as a hate crime and the similarity in the case is merely a coincidence. She is so pissed calls the nearest FBI office and tells them about her ‘assumptions. FBI sends two agents, Zander wells and Ava McLane to the town for further investigation.

As the investigation proceeds the story becomes more complicated and thrilling. Later they found out that the murderer had a sinister motive.

Things that kept me turning the pages

Where are Emily’s father’s murder and Emily’s employee’s murder connected?  What is the reason behind all these gruesome murders? Who is the murderer? What is the meaning of the hate symbols carved on the dead bodies’ foreheads? Is hate crime still there?

All these questions made me turn the pages and every page left me craving for more and more.

The thing I love the most

My favorite part has to be the investigation arc. I loved the relationship between Emily and Agent Zander. The investigation part of the story was so well written that it felt like I was one extra agent beside them. The step-by-step investigation kept me hooked it felt realistic and I was really enjoying it.

Parting words

The book ‘The last sister’ is a must-read. Do not sleep on this folk this is a real Jem. There are only a few suspense thrillers books that give me goosebumps, ‘The last sister’ is one of them. A really interesting book filled with pockets of mysteries and ‘yikes!’ moments. You should check out this gem.

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