The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood – A Complete Review

The Love Hypothesis

Hi romance bibliophiles, if that is an actual word. 

Romance is such an intriguing genre to read, it is filled with spice and fantasies, and when romance is paired with humor, it becomes the best genera, hands down. 

Today I have one such book for you, and it is ‘The love hypothesis’ by Ali Hazelwood. In my opinion, it is one of the sweetest romance novels out there. If you have mixed opinions on this book then don’t worry because I have personally read this book and will be reviewing this book here. 

My Review of the Book

If someone tells me to define this book in three words then I would say, sweet, humorous, and adorable. The plot of this book is really sweet and adorable and the humorous comments exchanged between the protagonists further add stars. 

I really loved how Olive and Adam start fake dating and then their ‘fake love’ turns into actual love. Though the love story of Adam and Olive encapsulates the majority of the story, we can also see some more sensitive topics like friendship, abuse of power by a professor, stress that women have to go through in academics. 

The book really kept me on the edge throughout and the little pockets of humor elevated my reading experience. This novel showed how sometimes people are not what we assume them to be. The main character of this novel Adam, is shown as a hard-to-deal with the professor, he has a reputation of making students cry and even drop out of the course, yet when Olive peels the outer layer of Adam’s character, she finds out a new man, who is everting but not what she assumed him to be. 

Favorite Part

Keep aside all the romance this novel contains. My favorite part has to be the humor that this book contains. When Olive gets comfortable fake-dating Adam she often teases Adam about his bad reputation, these tiny pockets of humor really made me giggle. 

Another favorite part was that, how comfortable Olive becomes with Adam when she finds out his true personality, she finds out that Adam is not a so-called hot-shot professor but he is soft and sweet. Olive opens up with Adam like she never had with anyone. I cannot emphasize enough how much I adore Adam and Olive and how strongly I was wishing for them to be ‘really’ together. 

Summary Of The Love Hypothesis

This is a short overview of the story. The book is actually ten times better than this. 


Olive smith. 

A Ph.D. student who doesn’t believe in lasting romantic relationships.  


Olive’s best friend who does believes in everlasting relationships 


Hotshot professor. 


Olive’s ex and Anh’s crush. 


The story follows a third-year Ph.D. candidate at Stanford, Olive smith. Anh, Olive’s best friend is attracted to Jeremy, Olive’s ex. But Anh being a good friend of Olive does not want to hurt Olive by dating Jeremy. Olive is really moved by this gesture of Anh and allows her to date Jeremy by saying that she is already seeing someone and she has already moved on from Jeremy. 

Anh enters the lab to see Olive’s ‘someone’, panicked Olive plants a kiss on the first guy she sees in the lab but that guy was the hot-shot professor Adam, who is ill-famed for making students cry and even quit the course. 

To Olive’s amusement, Adam agrees to fake-date Olive in order to support Anh. 

Fake Dating

The fake couple goes on some dates and olive finds out that Adam is actually a sweet person. Her perspective changed and she became more and more comfortable with Adam. She also teases Adam about his bad reputation. The duo really seems to be made for each other, they support each other and really bring the best out of each other. 

Turning Point

The fake couple decides to part their ways by the end of September but Olive finds out that her feelings for Adam were not fake, she really loves him. The fake couple started dating as a real couple and the story ends with the fake-couple turning into an actual couple. 

Parting words

The love hypothesis is really a gem and is a must-read. The characters are really interesting and the beautiful story really brings the best out of them. This sweet and salty tale of fake dating and romance is a must-read, I really adore this book and I am sure you will too. 

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