Your Next Five Moves: Master the Art of Business Strategy

Your Next Five Moves

Business is a mind game; it is like a game of chess you need to plan your next five moves to win. This same philosophy is preached by the writer of the book ‘your next five Move- master the art of business strategy’, Patrick bet-David.

I recently got my hands on this book and after finishing it I was introduced to a new set of strategies that I can use literally anywhere, it is not just a business book but is an overall development book. Let me give you a short review of this book.

About the Book

The book ‘Your next five moves- master the art of business strategy’ follows the philosophy that a businessman is like a chess player, when he competes it is important for him to envision his next five moves to claim victory.

The ‘five moves’ that the book holds are

  • Master knowing yourself.
  • Master the ability to reason.
  • Master building the right team
  • Mater strategy to scale
  • Mater power plan.

According to Patrick Bet-David, these are the five ‘moves’ that every businessman/entrepreneur should know about.

This book is a treasure not only for entrepreneurs but also for every individual who is looking to start a business or just wants to hire a better team. The book is especially good for students from business backgrounds.

My take on this book

Being in a 9 to 5 job I thought that the book, your next five moves- master the art of business strategy is not something that is made for me, as it is a business book. But I was proved wrong in the very first chapter.

The book has a powerful yet easy-to-understand tone, it is as if the writer himself is talking to me. Several examples are backing up each of his principles so I was sure that this book is not like any other book it has examples to back up its theories, which makes it a genuine book.

Most Important Step

The most important point for me was the fourth step, mastering building the right team. Toady nothing is possible without teamwork doesn’t matter if you have a business or not. This step defined how can you hire the right people with the right mindset. This step is not only important for businesses but also for day-to-day life.

About writer

Patrick bet-David is a great businessman and a great writer he is author and CEO of both PHP agency and valuentrainment, youtube channel In which he preaches his philosophies and gives insights on business growths and also organizes podcasts with economists, authors, superstar athletes, and many more influential personalities.

He is not only a great author but also a successful and well-known business tycoon. he set out to create his business empire after in the U.S army. Today he is a business influencer and a prolific content creator.

Parting words

Truly a masterpiece in the world of business books, this book contains deep insights and tried and tested steps to excel in this highly competitive business world. It is a must-read if you have hit a rock bottom in your business growth, if you want to learn some new tactics to read the market and if you are trying to start a new start-up.

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